With Mixed Martial Arts being the fastest growing sport in the country and hundreds of places to train, one school is setting itself apart from all of the rest. JKD Extreme Martial Arts Academy, home of the JKD MMA X-Team, headed by Second Generation Bruce Lee student Sifu Richie Carrion is quickly finding great success in the MMA world. In only its second year in its MMA Program the JKD-XTeam has produced fighters like BodogFight’s Eben “The Big O” Oroz,  Sadot “The Hitman” Nazario, and Thomas Culler, who recently won his pro debut at Reality Combat Championship in Jacksonville, FL via complete domination of his opponent.

The success of JKD Extreme in the ring, cage, and on the mats come from its multiple approach to Martial Arts.  From the stand up side, students are instructed in Bruce Lee’s Way of The Intercepting Fist or Jeet Kune Do. From ground they become extremely efficient and dangerous in Sifu Carrion’s self developed ground fighting system and finally, it is their approach to the philosophy of self-development and growth as a martial artist that makes them so different.

Their training is simple yet effective. It is unorthodox but successful. They are the first real Jeet Kune Do School to take Bruce Lee’s art form, with some modification of course, into the cage and show that it is a force to be reckon with at any level of competition. However, for them it will not stop there and now with their own training cage being built it will only be a matter of time before JKD Extreme takes that early success into complete domination.